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The 2018 Chicago Bears stunned the NFL with an unlikely

Zgłoś nadużycie #1 19 października 2019, 4:17

zhangzk avatar Posty: 93 Podziękowania: 0
NFC North championship in the first year of coach Matt Nagy’s tenure and the second season of quarterback Mitchell Trubisky‘s career. With Trubisky now having a full season under his belt both as a starter and as the starter in Nagy’s system http://www.seahawksauthorizedshops.com/authentic-phil-haynes-jersey , the question is whether Trubisky (under Nagy’s guidance) can take the Bears to the next level.The Bears don’t get to the next level very often, and when they do they don’t hang around for long. Successful seasons are sporadic, followed by disappointment that often lasts for several years. For the Bears, consecutive playoff berths haven’t happened since 2005 and 2006. And the Bears are a long way from their 1984 through 1991 run, when they played in the postseason every year but one.Last year’s division title ended the longest playoff drought for the Bears since the merger, and Bears fans with a keen understanding of the team’s history will be bracing for a back slide. Whether that does or doesn’t happen may hinge in many respects on what Trubisky can or can’t do with the offense.The folks at Madden don’t believe in Trubisky Ugo Amadi Jersey , slapping him with a 75 rating. He’s clearly much better than that; he completed 66.6 percent of his passes, he threw 24 touchdown passes against 12 interceptions, and he averaged 7.4 yards per attempt. He added 421 rushing yards, averaging 6.2 per run.Ultimately, the question for 2019 will be whether Trubisky is good enough to elevate the entire offense, to complement (and boost) the defense Dwayne Haskins Jersey , and to play the foundation for not just another home playoff game but maybe a bye week — and maybe a postseason victory. Opposing defenses will have had a full year’s worth of film to digest and dissect; Nagy’s ability to counter that and Trubisky’s ability to execute that plan becomes the key. BEREA, Ohio (AP) — Odell Beckham Jr. said he’s done talking about his controversial watch. That’s all, though.“If I want to wear it, I’ll wear it,” he said.Beckham said Thursday that he intends to keep sporting the $200,000 Richard Mille watch that the star receiver had on during his debut for the Browns on Sunday.The three-time Pro Bowler’s fashion accessory came under scrutiny from the NFL David Long Jersey , which has a policy against wearing “hard objects” on the field. Beckham contends his time piece should be permissible since it’s plastic, and the only reason the watch is an issue is because he’s wearing it.Beckham feels he’s being picked on.“If I wear pink laces and it’s not breast cancer month, it would probably be talked about,” he said. “With me I know what it is, people just need something to talk about. I have a completely different mentality, different take on where I’m at in my life. I came here to play football. I don’t talk about anything else but football. If anybody wants to talk about how I did http://www.losangelesramsteamonline.com/bobby-evans-jersey , how I produced individually on the field or how I didn’t produce, or how the team lost or whatever it is, we can talk about that.“I’d love for people to talk about me as a football player. I’d love for them to say I’m not a good football player or things like that. I would love to — you show me those facts. But other than that, I’m not talking about unnecessary stuff that people are mad about, it doesn’t bother me, I’m not losing no sleep over it.”